We Were Promised Jetpacks - Safety in Numbers
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Song of the day: We Were Promised Jetpacks “Safety in Numbers”

Brand new album “Unravelling" available now via Fat Cat Records.

Source: SoundCloud / Fat Cat Records

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Eyes Open

Song of the day: “Eyes Open” Zola Blood

Their debut EP ‘Meridian’ is out 20th October via Pond Life Songs.




Source: SoundCloud / Zola Blood

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Video of the day: Arms “Are We All in This Together?”

The single is part of a 4 tracks EP out on November the 20th via Rocket Girl record label.

Don’t miss the launch party on Nov 13th at Proud Camden.



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Ex Hex - Waterfall

From the album “Rips” by Ex Hex, out October 7, 2014 on Merge Records.




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Woman calls cops about her scratched CDs

We’re all CD lovers and there’s nothing worse than that millisecond when your favourite song skips because of a scratch, CD scratches are the worse, but would you call the police about it?

Well, Shaila Hedge, a 43 year-old American woman did exactly that.

According to Glastonbury’s Police Department Hedge called 162 times since 2007 mostly for “unfounded complaints” among which the “My CDs are scratched” one.

Shaila was arrested and charged with misuse of 911 and falsely reporting an incident.

Source article here.

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Vashti Bunyan - Holy Smoke

Song Of The Day: Vashti Bunyan “Holy Smoke”

Taken from the forthcoming Vashti Bunyan LP, ‘Heartleap’, due out on 6th October via FatCat Records.

Source: SoundCloud / Fat Cat Records

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"Cure for the Night" is Feldspar’s second single in a series of four singles released in four months between September and December 2014 accompanied by their Compass Tour. Tickets for the Compass Tour from: po.st/FeldsparTour

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East India Youth to release expanded version of “Total Strife Forever”

Great news coming form Stolen Recordings! At the end of this month, precisely on October 27th, the label will release an extended version of East India Youth “Total Strife Forever”.

But what will the extended version include?

Maybe not all of you know that a year ago, at Bestival, Mr.Doyle performed a live soundtrack for a old, or better, classic, well famous film: “a groundbreaking piece of cinematography, featuring as it does the first underwater sequences in a motion picture”.

We’re talking about the 1916 silent film ’20,000 Leagues Under The Sea‘, directed by Stuart Paton, and what you’ll get in the TOTAL STRIFE FOREVER extended version is an impressive fifty-four minute soundtrack for the movie, not bad uh?

You can listen to an excerpt here.

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Wu-Tang Clan's new album should be out by Black Friday f

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"The Number 4" is the new video by The Union Pool Taken from the self-titled debut EP out 6th October on Tape Club.

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Aidan John Moffat - The World Around Us
from VAGRANTS_09_14

Song of the day: “The World Around Us” Aidan John Moffat



Source: Bandcamp

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Crooked Brothers - Lightning in my Chest
from Thank You I'm Sorry

Song of the day: “Lighting in my Chest” by Crooked Brothers.

When we interviewed them back in April, Darwin told us the new album would have been a bit different from the usual sound, we chose a song that represents the change, but we invite you to have a good listen to the whole record as you’ll find a lot of classic Crooked Brothers too.

"Thank you I’m sorry" is out now and available here.

Take a look at our video interview with the band here

Source: Bandcamp

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Song of the day: “Paint This City” by The Vacant Lots.

Source: Bandcamp

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Giana Factory “Walking Mirror” 

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